Alumni Spotlight - Kaitlynn McEuen

What is your favorite memory of High School here at Cornerstone?
My favorite memories from high school at Cornerstone would have to be the infamous “bus rides” during the sport seasons. I have some of the fondest memories inside that old bus. I loved being able to hang out with my teachers and coaches.They were definitely my superiors; however, for those brief bus rides, they were my best friends.

How did Cornerstone help prepare you for college/life in general?
Cornerstone prepared me for college by showing me how to write a paper. The classes that I was involved with took the time to model how a “college paper” should look. This enabled me to be overly successful in regards to my writing skills. When college came around, English had never presented itself as an issue for me. I knew exactly what to expect. 

How did the relationship you made here at Cornerstone with your friends impact your life?
Cornerstone prepared me for life by showing me how I should love and embrace people. I have seen how the teachers at Cornerstone respond to their students. They accept their kids for who they are, just as I was accepted for who I was. Believe it or not, this is not a common attribute amongst most educators. I have worked with teachers/professors who have completely disregarded a student solely based upon their learning temperaments and how they did not correlate with how the class was being instructed. This is not the case at Cornerstone. Your children will be taught with the methods that work best for them. They will never be expected to be anything other than themselves. In return, they will become everything that God has intendedfor them to be because they were embraced from the very beginning.

How did the relationships you mad here at Cornerstone with your teachers/admin/office staff/ etc impact your life?
The friendships that I have made at Cornerstone will last forever. My specific 4th grade class was a part of the original roster for the school’s beginning stages. All to say, I have been with these friends since I was 9 years old. Each and every one of them will always hold a special place in my heart. Life has indeed interfered with our visits, but whenever we do have the chance to see each other, it’s like nothing has changed. My connections with the staff have (and still has) proved to be so much more than just a “teacher/student” relationship. The faculty at Cornerstone are my family. They have been with me throughout my entire education, as well as my career choices. The most important thing that I have taken away from my time at Cornerstone is this: effective ministry flows through relationship. God wants you to be successful, and in order to be successful, He places people in your life that will help you become the best version of yourself. He knew that I would be who I am today because of the relationships that I would from at Cornerstone.

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