About Our Academics

The academic programs at Cornerstone Christian School are designed to ultimately prepare graduates for admission into the college and/or university of their choice.
Expected School wide Learning Results (ESLRs) are our measure of excellence.
These school wide learning outcomes cross all areas of the curriculum and grade levels, supporting the CCS mission to prepare students to deal with the issues and realities of life by developing their spiritual, academic, social and physical potential. At each level of the K-12 program, students explore, collaborate and reflect on the subjects specific to their academic needs and requirements. The curriculum is rigorous, supportive and appropriately interactive. All students have access to technology tools to enhance their academic experience. From the kindergarten classroom to the honors Calculus classroom, strong, well-prepared and caring teachers work with the students, providing support and help as needed.

Cornerstone prepares its graduate to be:

Effective Communicators who:
Read and speak English fluently
Express themselves clearly and appropriately through writing
Incorporate modern communications technology
Use the conventions of language correctly
Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers who:
Define and clarify problems
Expand strategies and strengthen skills needed to solve problems
Apply learned skills to new situations
Interpret data and make logical, informed decisions
Productive Individuals who:

Work well with others
Set and meet personal goals
Accomplish tasks within a given time frame
Participate in and benefit the learning environment

Disciplined Leaders who:         Demonstrate Christ-like behavior through Christian Charity and servant-hood             Analyze current events from a Biblical perspective                                                   Demonstrate Biblical knowledge               Express and defend their Christian values