Alumni Spotlight - Melissa Bacquing

What is you favorite memory of High School here at Cornerstone?
During my senior year, our government class had a project that involved the students running a mock presidential election. Each group of students had to pick a person to run for president, complete with a party platform. My group chose Mr. Heyer to run as a candidate. We needed pictures for our banners and flyers so we did a photoshoot with him on the kindergarten play structure. We even had shirts made with his face on it. In 2007, Mr. Heyer won the presidential election and yes, I still have the original photos (Of course she sent us a copy - see Mr. Heyer is his first Presidential photos below!).

How did Cornerstone help prepare you for college/life in general?
Teachers at Cornerstone have continued to help me in my post high school journey and into my current career. I am truly indebted to the staff at Cornerstone because I know that their recommendations and references have opened opportunities for me to continue my education and be at a job that I love.

Mr. Heyer, First Presidential Photo, 2007

Mr. Heyer, First Presidential Photo, 2007


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