At Cornerstone we offer a variety of art experiences. Our students review art elements and principals of design. Students are introduced to new ways of using design and creating works of art. The class also teaches the students why art and design are so important in our world today. Students use various works in the mediums of oil pastel, watercolor, pencil, photo, and oil painting - and are taught how to apply different techniques in each area.



This elective integrates class work, dissections, and other laboratory experiences to explore the human as God's perfect design. The topics discussed include tissue studies and a systematic study of the human form (bones, muscles, nerves, circulation, digestion, respiration, endocrinology, etc.) Students will participate in labs and understand in modern terms the functions of a variety of body systems and organs. 


The Home Economics class includes instruction regarding the large number of elements that make up life on your own. It includes setting realistic priorities and goals, and how to make an income stretch as far as possible. Students learn their way around the kitchen, making a variety of foods, as well as meal planning, budgeting, cleanup and maintenance. Students learn how to use a sewing machine and practical mending techniques as well as sewing projects.



In Video Production, students will learn how to operate gear, create sets, film productions, and work with talent. They will work as a team to write and produce short films, announcements, and other projects.


Student Government/Newspaper plans and executes class activities, High School Retreat, and other school functions. All members of Student Government are required to participate in school events. This is a great way to be part of a team.



This course is geared specifically for those individuals who want to use their musical or technical gifts for God. During this class, students work on fine-tuning their musical or technical talents as we work as a team on putting together worship sets, practicing the songs and leading worship for our school’s weekly chapel. We also take time to look into God’s Word to find out what He has to say about leading worship and what it truly means to be a worshiper.


In Yearbook, students review art elements and principles of design. They are introduced to new ways of using design and creating works of art. The class also teaches the students why art and design are so important in our world today, as well as the fundamentals of photography. These students not only enjoy creating the yearbook, but also taking amazing photos to bring to publication!

coding_web23 C.jpg


Introduces the student to the fundamentals of computer programming through the use of engaging graphics and animations. The students will be developing code through the use of Python, a text-based programming language that is the most widely taught language at the university level and which is one of the most popular programming languages in the industry, used by such organizations as Google, Amazon and Facebook.



Our Sr. High students look forward to our annual extra curricular activities, including trips, dances, and special events. We enjoy supplementing our curriculum with exciting, and memorable moments throughout the year.

Art & History Showcase

This spring event is an opportunity for our High School students to display their capstone projects. Art projects include various art mediums such as; watercolor, sculpture, chalk, pastels and photography. History projects demonstrate the students' knowledge in the form of topographical and biographical three-dimensional displays.


Every Wednesday our Jr and Sr High come together for a morning of worship with Pastor Stevie Nix, and the occasional guest speaker. Our students worship through song, play games, and listen as Pastor Stevie brings them what the Lord has placed on his heart.



The High School Formal is planned by the Student Government class and held in late Spring. This event is a big highlight of their year, which includes dinner, a DJ, announcing the Royal Court and dancing the night away.


We love celebrating both Thanksgiving and Christmas here at Cornerstone. Our Senior High students look forward to these events as we come together, giving thanks and celebrating the birth of Jesus with games, delicious food, and an all school gift exchange.


Homecoming is an exciting event held early in the year. Our Student Government plans this evening, which is centered around a theme. There is food, dancing, and of course, the crowning of the Royal Court. Our Senior High invites the 8th graders to this event.


Pep Rallies

Throughout the year, Cornerstone holds pep rallies for our senior high school. They are fun, exciting, and incredibly loud! Students and staff love showing school spirit, as the Cougar Cheerleaders lead us in a variety of games, cheers, and an all around good time.


Rafting on the American River

High school students enjoy an epic water fight with teachers and fun day in the sun, as they float down the American River in Sacramento. And no day of rafting would be complete without a stop at Leatherby's Ice Cream.



Senior Class Trip

The Seniors celebrate the end of their high school years together with a week long trip. In previous years the Seniors have traveled to Southern California for an amusement park tour, visiting Disneyland and Magic Mountain, and they have even taken a cruise to Mexico.


Senior Graduation

High School Graduation is not only a ceremonial right of passage for our Seniors, but a night to celebrate their accomplishments, reward their hard work and dedication, and to bless and encourage them as they set out on the next chapter of their lives.


Spiritual Emphasis Day

Spiritual Emphasis day is always one of the most highly anticipated days of the year.  Students are able to experience God on a deeper level as they enjoy a day of worship, are challenged by guest speakers, and interact with peers in a small group setting.



Spiritual Retreat

High school retreat is the perfect way to set the tone for the entire school year. Students enjoy a three day retreat in the mountains away from the busyness of school where class competition builds camaraderie and school spirit and while chapel services keep students firmly anchored in the truth of Jesus Christ.

Spirit Week

During Spirit Week students are encouraged to show their school spirit with a variety of fun and creative prompts. It is always exciting to see how our school rallies together, whether it is Crazy Hair Day, Cougar Spirit Day, or Sports Day!

Winter Social

Winter social is a student organized holiday party that is packed with excitement. In past years students have enjoyed participating in an Ugly Sweater contest, cookie decorating, and a variety of holiday games and traditions.