Alumni Spotlight - Brittany Ormsby

What is your favorite memory of High School here at Cornerstone?
My favorite memories of high school at Cornerstone are spending time with our coaches, peers and underclassmen while traveling for varsity sports. We would travel fairly far for most of our games with other sports teams and it helped bridge some gaps between upper and lower class-men. Many times we would stop to eat, laughing, joking, sharing music and even playing on the beach.

How did Cornerstone help prepare you for college/life in general?
Cornerstone was an important stepping stone into my future. The encouraging staff taught me how to overcome obstacles that I would run into later in life by turning to God and persevering. A few teachers I thought were tough at the time were just preparing me for the real world and I greatly appreciate them. Some of my other teachers were nurturing and gave me the self-confidence I needed to get through tough times. Each staff member had something to teach me, patience, work ethic, maturity, self-confidence and how to truly rely on God.

How did the relationship you made here at Cornerstone with your friends impact your life?
As an Army wife I have moved around a bit since graduating, I still get to watch over half my Senior class grow and mature on social media. Occasionally I will get some words of encouragement and often write to several good friends of mine from high school. Recently I became a mentor to a young lady who graduated after me. She moved to a new area for college and we were able to reconnect and have been playing recreational sports together. I have also kept in touch with a few teachers and I am enjoying watching their kids grow.

How did the relationships you mad here at Cornerstone with your teachers/admin/office staff/ etc impact your life?
Every staff member at Cornerstone impacted my life in some way. My teachers didn’t just teach their assigned studies, they invested in our futures. They would take the time to tackle life struggles, tutor in subjects I struggled in and check in how my family was doing. Just before my freshman year my little sister was born, my parents adopted a disabled child and with economy changes our family lost a lot. Several teachers and other staff members would take time to send my family notes of encouragement, they would help my mom with the kids at sports events and sit with me to talk about my week. Mr. Heyer especially took the time to check in not only on school life but home life, he also had words of wisdom and encouragement for me that lifted my spirits. The office staff taught me lots of administration duties I have found very useful these past few years as well as how to greet people with a warm smile and kind word.

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