It is the purpose of Cornerstone Christian School to develop Christian students spiritually, academically, socially, physically, and emotionally from a non-denominational Christian world-view. We provide comprehensive curriculum which includes college prep and honor courses in order to prepare the students for college or a vocation of their choice.


The school wishes to ensure that becoming a part of our "school family" will be profitable and rewarding for you. Therefore, the administration and faculty encourage respect for work, authority, rules and consider courtesy and Christian behavior primary essentials in the total program of Cornerstone Christian School.

Cornerstone Christian School is operated as a department of Cornerstone Christian Center and is governed by its Board of Directors. It is our intent to offer students a quality Christian education through the efforts of a dedicated Christian teaching staff. Our teachers and staff must maintain regular attendance and support of a local church.

Our objective is to firmly support and reinforce the Christian training provided by the parents and their church. The Chapel services, class Bible study and practical Christian living are intended to be a supplement to regular church attendance.