"I am thankful for my students. Each and every one of them has stolen a piece of my heart."

- Mrs. Pannu


"I am beyond grateful for the extra burst of energy God grants me daily!"

- Mrs. Lefevre


"Thankful to work with other educators who love their jobs, but love the kids more! Thankful for a principal who has the heart of a warrior and the compassion of a loving father!"

- Mrs. Wells


"I am so thankful for my co-teachers Mrs. Hendricks and Mrs. Gonzaga. We have been a great 2nd grade team. Love my ladies!"

- Mrs. DeLa'O


"Thankful for my students and the amazing outpouring of love they show me daily!"

- Mrs. Lares


"I'm so very thankful for all the support I've received from parents, friends, colleagues, and administration as I wade through a school year that is full of so many new, growth-inspiring, overwhelming, and infinity valuable opportunities."

- Ms. Dancy


"I'm thankful for my family and for God!"

- Mrs. Greenlaw


"I am thankful that through all I've been through over the summer, I know without a doubt God was with my family and I through our battle."

- Mrs. Pacheco


"I am thankful for a loving family, great friends, weekends, Frappuccinos, God's grace, and waking up every day loving what I do!"

- Mrs. Hight

"I am thankful for the wonderful staff at Cornerstone!"

- Mrs. Hansen


"I am thankful for a welcoming community from the staff, students, and families at Cornerstone. I am especially thankful for the surprise mid-day Starbucks from parents of students in my class!"

- Mrs. Adler


"I am thankful I got to see my son Drake in Chicago, and that he is done with boot camp!"

- Ms. Darsey


"Thankful for my family!"

- Mrs. Amerson


"I'm thankful for my girls and my husband."

- Mrs. Castorina


"I am thankful for my wonderful supportive family, church family, and last but not least my awesome work family at Cornerstone!"

- Mrs. McEuen


"I am thankful for so many prayer warriors in my life."

- Mrs. Rounds


"I'm thankful for good food."

- Mr. Sadler


"I am thankful for an awesome wife, improving health, the coolest family, a fun and challenging job, and the fluffiness that is Little Ruby Tuesday on a Sunday Morning."

- Mr. Ruiz


"On this Thanksgiving I am first thankful for my relationship with Christ. It is through this relationship that I have experienced the love of God in many tangible ways. Often I am humbled and overwhelmed by the demonstration of His love towards me and those around me. With a heart full of gratitude I give thanks for my husband, Alan who makes me smile :) Also, I am thankful for my five uniquely made children, my family and my friends."

- Mrs. Roberts