Parent Volunteers

Upon acceptance to Cornerstone, each family is encouraged to volunteer 20 hours per school year. A Parent Participation deposit of $100 is required. This fee is fully refundable at the end of the school year once a family has worked the requested hours.

This 20-hour requirement is the same regardless of the number of students a family has enrolled at Cornerstone. Parents may choose to roll their fee over to the next school year, opting to receive a refund once the family no longer has students at Cornerstone. The Parent Participation Fee will not be refunded to those who do not meet the required volunteer hours.

In an effort to help facilitate this commitment, Cornerstone is blessed to have active and involved parents. This all volunteer group oversees

How Can You Help?


- School potlucks, staff luncheons
- Science Fair
- Spelling Bee
- PTF meeting attendance
- Office help
- Lost & Found -or- Uniform Closet organizer
- Class/school Event Photographer

A few ideas for how you can partner with Cornerstone!

- Room mothers/ Room fathers
- Teacher helpers
- Field trip chaperones
- Teach something you have knowledge about
   (ie: rocks, profession, language, animals)
- Parent committees, fundraising, promotion and programs
- Bulletin boards
- Thanksgiving Feast (coordinator, assistance, helper)