1st Period Science

Today I took a test on cell division, and it was kind of hard, but I got it!


2nd Period Math

In math we're working on percentage from 100, subtracting. I really like it.


3rd Period Bible

We are learning about King Solomon in Bible. The verse we're studying right now is 1st Thessalonians 5:16-18.


4th Period PE

After changing, we normally stretch and do exercises, then Coach Edwards has us play a couple of games.


6th Period History

We've been reading about Thanksgiving since it is coming up. Mrs. Wells has been teaching us about the Mayflower and pilgrims.


7th Period English

Mrs. Middleton has us watching The Incredible Journey movie, because we just finished the book. It's about three animals that go on a journey. I really liked it!


8th Period Art

This kind of art is called Pointillism. You draw a picture and fill it in with dots, so it looks really cool from afar.