1st Period TA

Mr. Ruiz has me make a lot of copies during my TA period. From what I hear, all the other teachers are fighting over who gets me next year!


2nd Period Spanish 3

In Spanish we're making study guides for our final next week. I can't believe this is my last year of taking a foreign language!



Today we had our end of the year awards ceremony during weekly chapel. I received the Heart Award for both Varsity Volleyball, and Varsity Basketball!


3rd Period Pre-Cal

Our Pre-Cal class just took the first part of our final. Phew, I think I did okay!


4th Period Physics

Near the end of each quarter, Mr. Sadler holds a "Jesus Discussion". We talk about things that have happened in our lives, how God has worked through us, or what we've learned.


5th Period Bible

Mrs. Rounds has been talking with us in Bible about arts through the lens of Christianity.


7th Period Student Gov't

Today marks my last official day as student body Vice President!


8th Period English

We're watching Julius Caesar in English today, because we've just finished studying the play.