8:15 am

When I arrive at school I first go to my locker, then I head into class to start my day. Mrs. Hight has us write in our agenda, bring it to her, and then we start our daily journal.


9:00 am

We work on our spelling pre-test and study. It's a practice test, and if we pass it, we really don't have to do anything tomorrow. By the way, I definitely passed it.


10:30 am

My favorite part of recess is having fun with my friends. We play Lava Monster, which means tag.



For Reading Comprehension we have a time limit, we read all of the page, and then answer questions on the back.



In Science we are learning about life cycles. Today we played a guessing game where everyone brought in a baby picture, and we had to try to figure out which baby was who. It was a lot of fun, and I got a ton of them right.



Carline! Time to go home! I sit here with my classmates and wait for my mom to pick me up, if she has a meeting I go to EDM.