The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling //

We are thrilled to have Mrs. Rounds with us today sharing her thoughts on crafting an amazing story. Read on to learn all about storytelling, from the initial ideas, to piecing the narrative together!

     The Art of Storytelling. (Which is just a fancy way of saying that a really great story needs some planning so that your audience will say, “Wow! What a great story!”)

    Think about your favorite childhood fairy tale. When you were little, those magical words “Once upon a time…” opened the door to a world of wonder and excitement and fantasy which you didn’t know existed. Dragons! Princesses! Evil queens! Swords! Handsome princes! And no tale would be complete without those wonderful words at the end: “…and they lived happily ever after.” But as we grow up, we realize that someone creates all these spellbinding stories – and that someone could be you!

    One of the most important things to remember as you tell your own imaginative story is that you need to do some preparation. When you start out on a trip, you need to know not only where you’re going but what route to follow and what you will encounter along the way. In the same way, when you start a story, you need a beginning, a middle, and an end. You can’t just wing it and hope for the best. You wouldn’t just start driving down any old road hoping that Disneyland is at the end of it. You can’t just start writing hoping that a great story is at the end of it. You need a plan.

You need to include the answers to these questions in your story plan. Ask yourself:

  • Who is my main character? What does he or she look like? What kind of person is he or she?
  • Who are my supporting characters? What role do they play in the story?
  • What is the main action of the story? Where does this action take place?
  • What is the beginning of my story? What happens next? Have I created a satisfying and interesting end for my story? Did I just stop in the middle or did I remember to wrap everything up at the end?

     And here are a few final hints about creating a great, spellbinding story that will make your readers want more. Check all of the details like grammar and punctuation and word choices. Try not to use the same words every time. Instead of “pretty”, say gorgeous, beautiful, enchanting, attractive, lovely, or any other phrase which shows that this person is not your average-looking human being. Ask someone you trust to read your story and give you feedback. Accept help if you’re having trouble with parts of your story – ask for advice and then make your changes.

    But the most important thing of all for good storytelling is to tell your own story. Don’t try to copy anyone else. Have faith and confidence in your imagination. Have fun writing and enjoy yourself. If you have fun writing, your readers will have fun reading. And you – and everyone – will live happily ever after!

Homework Battle - Three Tips for an Easier Homework Experience

Homework Battle - Three Tips for an Easier Homework Experience // Cornerstone Christian School

Ah, homework. The dreaded back-to-school battle that so many parents face. Students begin homework at an early age, Kindergarten for us at Cornerstone, and so often as parents we find ourselves reminding, asking, and nearly bribing our children to please just get it done.

We believe instilling a routine early on, that is repeated each year, helps students to know what to expect upon arriving at home, and in turn, will make the homework battle an easy one to win.

Here are three tried and true tips to make for an easier homework experience.


Having healthy snack options ready gives students a burst of energy, and if possible, have these snacks ready for them as they walk in the door. Some good options are: string cheese, a hard boiled egg, pretzels, fruit, veggies & Ranch, or a handful of almonds. Perhaps select with your student a special after school snack they don't get any other time, this will make it all the more exciting as they sit down to prepare for their work.


There isn't anything more overwhelming than searching for a ruler, markers, or even a sharpened pencil when it is homework time. Depending upon your child's grade, the homework supplies will vary. Kindergartners will need everything from a glue stick to crayons, while your middle schooler could use a calculator, or even a computer. Creating a homework station, or even small box of supplies on hand near your table, can make the process that much smoother.


Limiting distraction, especially when you have multiple students in your home of a variety of grade levels, you will find some finish quicker than others. Setting the ground work early on with some after school rules, will keep everyone distraction-free. Some examples would be:

- No TV until everyone is finished.

- Quiet voices in the house.

- Allow your sibling to finish their work before engaging in distracting conversation.

Do you have any tips that work for your family? Please share in the comments below!


5 Tips for Amazing Back to School Photos

A brand new school year is upon us. For most that means school supplies, uniforms, and yes, lots of back to school photos. Today we're sharing five tried and true tips to taking the best back to school photos.

Back to School Photo Tips // Cornerstone Christian School

1. Light

It's no secret that light will make or break your photos. When you go to shoot your back to school portraits, whether before the big day, or that morning, think for a moment about the direction of light.

Even lighting makes for the most flattering images. When the sun is high and directly overhead, you end up with squinty eyes and dark shadows across those precious faces.

First look for indirect light, the shade of a tree, or beneath your porch. If you can't avoid harsh light, simply turn your subject so the light is behind them, this enables softer light across their face.

2. Kill the Flash

Which leads me to my next point, the flash is not your friend. Whether it be your iPhone or fancy camera, turn that baby off. Not only does it wash out skin tones, but leaves the eyes with a glare.

Natural light is always the best. You'd be surprised at how much light you can let inside by turning the blinds, pulling back the curtains, or positioning your child next to the sliding glass door. The simple trick of switch your flash off, takes a snapshot, to a portrait.

3. Crop + Zoom With Your Feet

Did you know the crop tool/ zoom can be a danger zone? When you crop your image after shooting it, especially if it is a significant amount, you're losing precious pixels. The same goes when you pinch your camera phone "lens" to zoom in. Have you ever wondered why an image went from fabulous to fuzzy? Likely you lost most of the resolution after you cropped it down/zoomed too far, to fill the frame with your little one.

Instead of cropping post-shooting, or even zooming in, move into your subject with your feet (ie: step closer to them and fill the frame with them while shooting).

4. Clear the Clutter

One of the simplest, and easiest ways to take a nice back to school portrait is to make sure your student is the star of the show. If you're shooting in your back yard say, be sure to move bikes and basketballs out of the frame. Instead, place your children against a fence, in a clear zone, or near the flower bed. The less clutter that's in your picture, the more your student will shine.

Taking a few moments before shooting to clear the clutter, will make a world of difference.

5. Details

Last but certainly not least are the details. The brand new shoes, this years lunch box, perhaps just the detail of them holding their backpack, or even a class ring for your upperclassman - these are the moments and details you'll soon forget, so be sure to include them in your back to school shooting!

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