Homework Battle - Three Tips for an Easier Homework Experience

Homework Battle - Three Tips for an Easier Homework Experience // Cornerstone Christian School

Ah, homework. The dreaded back-to-school battle that so many parents face. Students begin homework at an early age, Kindergarten for us at Cornerstone, and so often as parents we find ourselves reminding, asking, and nearly bribing our children to please just get it done.

We believe instilling a routine early on, that is repeated each year, helps students to know what to expect upon arriving at home, and in turn, will make the homework battle an easy one to win.

Here are three tried and true tips to make for an easier homework experience.


Having healthy snack options ready gives students a burst of energy, and if possible, have these snacks ready for them as they walk in the door. Some good options are: string cheese, a hard boiled egg, pretzels, fruit, veggies & Ranch, or a handful of almonds. Perhaps select with your student a special after school snack they don't get any other time, this will make it all the more exciting as they sit down to prepare for their work.


There isn't anything more overwhelming than searching for a ruler, markers, or even a sharpened pencil when it is homework time. Depending upon your child's grade, the homework supplies will vary. Kindergartners will need everything from a glue stick to crayons, while your middle schooler could use a calculator, or even a computer. Creating a homework station, or even small box of supplies on hand near your table, can make the process that much smoother.


Limiting distraction, especially when you have multiple students in your home of a variety of grade levels, you will find some finish quicker than others. Setting the ground work early on with some after school rules, will keep everyone distraction-free. Some examples would be:

- No TV until everyone is finished.

- Quiet voices in the house.

- Allow your sibling to finish their work before engaging in distracting conversation.

Do you have any tips that work for your family? Please share in the comments below!